Level Your Sunken Concrete for a Safe, Even Surface

Many homeowners experience sunken concrete slabs on their sidewalks, driveways, patios, or pool decks. While this is unsightly and can decrease your home’s curb appeal, it can also create dangerous tripping hazards. Our concrete experts at AquaGuard Foundation Solutions can repair your concrete slabs and make them look as good as new for a safe and even surface for your family to enjoy.

Why Does Concrete Sink?

In order to fix the sunken concrete, we must address the root of the issue: incompetent soils. Concrete sinks when the soil beneath the slab can no longer hold the weight of the concrete, causing it to settle into the ground. Heavy rains or too much moisture in the soil can cause them to expand and contract, which creates voids in the soil and causes the weight of the concrete to sink. In order to permanently fix your sunken concrete, the problem soils must be addressed.

Revolutionary PolyRenewal™ System Permanently Fixes Sunken Concrete

At AquaGuard, we use the PolyRenewal™ system to provide a permanent solution to your sunken concrete problems. PolyRenewal™ addresses the problem soils and provides a solid, permanent base for your concrete slab to rest on that will prevent future settling. PolyRenewal™ is a polyurethane foam that is injected into the soil and instantly expands, hardens, and lifts the sunken concrete back into place.

Benefits of PolyRenewal™ include:

  • Completely waterproof
  • Quick cure time
  • Instantly lifts sunken concrete
  • Addresses problem soils for permanent solution

Traditional concrete leveling methods like mudjacking do not provide a permanent solution.  Mudjacking uses a mud and slurry mix to lift the concrete back into place, but this mud mix can easily washout again over time and you’re left with your original problem. 

Trust the experts at AquaGuard to provide a permanent solution to level your concrete so you never have to worry about uneven concrete again. Call today to schedule your free inspection!

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