Why Does Concrete Sink?

Concrete sinks because it’s heavy! When the soils underneath a concrete slab are unable to support its weight, the slab will sink. This is called slab settlement, and this frequently happens on driveways, sidewalks, walkways, garage floors, and foundations all over the country.   If soils support part of the concrete…

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Before & After Photos

Crawl Space Insulation with CleanSpace in Fayetteville, GA

The most obvious transformation of this crawlspace is the removal of its debris and insulation. Insulation is not useful to any crawlspace. The first problem AquaGuard addresses in ANY crawlspace is the debris and insulation cluttering the space. Both of these are removed before AquaGuard begins any of the more serious work that needs to be done in the Crawlspace.

Crawl Space Doors

What is the main difference between a basement and a crawlspace? The main difference is ceiling height!

CleanSpace Encapsulation in Atlanta, GA

The staining on the block walls indicates water/moisture intrusion into this crawlspace. With the CleanSpace vapor barrier neatly installed along the walls and floor of this crawl space, this Atlanta homeowner can rest assured that the space will remain dry. The air inside the space (with the added protection from closing any vents leading into the space) will remain dry and not breed mold and mildew. This also means that the air rising up into the living room, dining room and spaces you live in will be healthier.

Canton Crawlspace Encapsulation

This Canton homeowner wished to encapsulate his crawlspace with help from AquaGuard. AquaGuard installed multiple products to help with the water and structural issues this space was experiencing.

BrightWall and SuperSump

This Decatur home had a major water leak which left standing water in this home's basement. A SuperSump was installed to pump the water out. BrightWall finished this basement's transformation by providing a clean and water-resistant surface to the underground walls.

Brick Columns replaced with SmartJacks

12 SmartJacks with the proper footing were installed in this crawlspace. The customer called and stated that the floor above her crawlspace were not level. This is due to the faulty brick columns that were supporting the floor at the time.

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Two technicians working together as a team with the proper tools and equipment for a residential foundation job.

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