Concrete is naturally porous, meaning that it will readily absorb water, chemicals, and other potentially harmful substances. Over time, the absorption of these substances can lead to cracking and discoloration. To prevent the rapid aging and deterioration of your concrete and garage floors, we recommend applying a high-quality concrete floor sealer. 

At AquaGuard Concrete Leveling, we offer Northern Georgia and Atlanta area home and business owners the top concrete and garage floor sealer available on the market. Whether you’re looking to protect a new concrete floor, or you’re wanting to touch-up an older surface after concrete leveling services, we have a solution for you. If you’re interested in learning more about how SealantPro™ can keep your concrete floors looking and performing their best for years to come, contact us today!

SealantPro™ Concrete Floor Sealer

Protect your concrete from its toughest enemies with SealantPro™—a high-performance, low-maintenance concrete sealer that extends the life of your concrete surfaces with just one application. Developed by Supportworks, SealantPro™ penetrates deep into concrete or garage floors, bonding with the concrete on a molecular level to create a permanent barrier against water, freeze-thaw cycles, chemical contaminants, and more. Unlike the urethane systems sold at big box stores that need to be reapplied regularly, SealantPro™ won’t need to be reapplied again for the entire lifespan of your concrete surface. Finally, SealantPro™ is versatile for both interior use and outdoor use, providing permanent protection for concrete driveways, patios, pool decks, garage boxes, basement floors, and more.

Aquaguard concrete sealer contractor treating driveway with SealantPro

Benefits of Our Concrete & Garage Floor Sealer

When it comes to the efficiency and durability of SealantPro™, the concrete floor sealers available at big box stores just don’t compare. Whether applied to your garage, art studio, or storage room floors, SealantPro™ offers the following benefits: 

Doesn’t wash away or weaken over time, meaning only one application is necessary

  • Protects concrete from moisture, chemicals, and seasonal changes
  • Active ingredients allow the sealer to permanently bond with concrete on a molecular level
  • Only requires one application
  • Prevents staining, pitting, flaking, and cracking
  • Extends the life of your concrete floor
  • Non-yellowing formula provides a natural finish and ensures your concrete stays true to color

How Much Does It Cost to Seal a Concrete Floor?

The cost of sealing a concrete floor will depend on a number of factors, including the number of square feet you'll be covering, as well as the type of sealer used. Different types of concrete sealers serve different purposes—some are applied to achieve a decorative coating, such as a gloss finish or a wet look, while others are used to provide the best protection over time. Decorative (e.g. acrylic sealers) and penetrating concrete sealers (e.g. epoxy sealers) tend to cost the most. At AquaGuard Concrete Leveling, our concrete contractors are happy to help you choose a concrete floor sealer that will give you the best bang for your buck. Call us today at (770) 967-3800 to receive a complimentary quote!

Get Concrete Floor Sealer & Garage Floor Sealer from AquaGuard Concrete Leveling

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