Atlanta has fondly been called ‘The City of Trees’ but perhaps the feeling is not so fond for homeowners when leaves and pine needles clog their gutters! At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we’ve seen our fair share of clogged and leaking gutters. 

With a monthly average rainfall of 4-inches, we receive a lot of phone calls from homeowners concerned about the damage that clogged, leaking or dripping gutters may be having on other areas of their home. 

For instance, improperly channeled roof water can pool up around your home’s foundation, causing both the supporting foundation walls and the concrete surrounding your home, to crack and settle. 

Gutter downspouts that do not have extensions to divert rainwater away from a home’s foundations is a very common issue we see all the time.

Clogged and leaking gutters can result in wet crawl spaces and wet basements, cracked and settling foundation walls or concrete slabs. Unfortunately, functioning gutters are not always at the top of everyone’s mind, until it becomes a problem. 

To prevent the extreme pain of water damage to your home, install AquaGuard’s GutterShutter for holistic and permanent protection from water damage. 

Our all-in-one, covered GutterShutter system prevents debris clogging and its exclusive, HIGH-BACK design thoroughly covers your fascia board, preventing future rot. Its certified GutterStud brackets are the strongest on the market and the trough, the widest available. 

The entire GutterShutter system is backed by both a lifetime, no-clog warranty, as well as a lifetime warranty to NEVER pull away from your house so that the next time it rains in Atlanta, you don’t have to be outside checking your gutter performance! 

Trust GutterShutter, call 770.419.9111 for your FREE evaluation. One of our System Design Specialists will assess your home’s specific gutter and downspout needs, then custom design a solution that will permanently protect your home and restore YOUR peace of mind.

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