Meet Our

System Design Specialists

Courtney Harp

Account Manager

HOMETOWN: Lilburn, Georgia

Certified Waterproofing Professional
Certified Structural Repair Specialist
Systems Design Specialist

RESIDENCE: Dallas, Georgia

HOBBIES: Crafts, Gardening, Cooking & Baking, Working Out, DIY Projects

Work Experience

About Courtney

Courtney is very familiar with the home improvement industry and has worked on deck builds, plumbing repairs, landscaping, and various home repairs. She understands the logistics to making a project work, and what it takes in the field to get it done.

Courtney has been with AquaGuard for over three years. She began here working as an appointment center representative, determining scope of work and scheduling appointments for each of our system design specialist before transitioning into the Account Manager role. This has given Courtney a first-hand experience in helping a customer identify their problem, and work with them to find their best solution.

Courtney’s hobbies include travelling anywhere, anytime! She also enjoys DIY projects but most of all, she loves UberEats and having food delivered to her all the time!