Meet Our

System Design Specialists

Ernie Sedlock

System Design Specialist

HOMETOWN: Bethlehem, PA

Certified Waterproofing Professional

Certified Structural Repair Specialist

Systems Design Specialist


HOBBIES: Time With Family, Riding Motorcycles, Relaxing

Work Experience

Previously, Ernie was a mechanical engineer for thirteen years, sold vehicles for nearly a decade, and as of recent worked in the gutter industry for twelve years. Working for the AquaGuard team in our new gutter division, Ernie brings invaluable experience and knowledge. Understanding the needs and wants of the customer, Ernie is a perfect fit. He knows what people expect out of their gutters and knows how to deliver them exactly what they were asking for. Ernie is proud to be a part of AquaGuard and our new gutter division as we continue delivering people peace of mind.