Meet Our

Production Team

Guy McCormack

PolyLevel Government Division Manager

Work Experience

Guy McCormack has been raising concrete structures in the Atlanta area for over 17 years. He joined AquaGuard Foundation Solutions as their PolyLevel manager in February of 2014 after closing his company SlabJack Solutions, which was a concrete raising and stabilization business. Guy established his company in 2004 and managed the business for an 11-year time-frame.

Guy McCormack’s diligent attention to detail in the work-place is a real bonus to the commercial & government division. You will regularly hear Guy telling the team to ‘own the outcome’, pointing towards his service-oriented thinking so that each member owns the outcome of each interaction and each project which is particularly important when dealing with city, county, state or federal government level clients. McCormack claims that “by embracing this attitude myself and calling it my own, it encourages the same accountability in the whole team”.