Meet Our

System Design Specialists

Stephen Ruel

System Design Specialist

HOMETOWN: Marietta, GA

Certified Waterproofing Professional

Certified Structural Repair Specialist

Systems Design Specialist


HOBBIES: Reading, Learning, Being a father, Uni-cycling, Juggling

Work Experience

Stephen started as a gutter maintenance tech at 17, and eventually became operation manager at the same company. He moved into gutter sales at a different company and transitioned to project manager for exterior drainage. Stephen has been dealing with water rerouting issues for nearly two decades and has done it all ranging from installs, project work, to managing as well as office work such as scheduling. He is excited to use his expertise to help customers in the Atlanta area resolve their drainage issues. He is highly valued in his role at AquaGuard, and looks forward to delivering peace of mind to his clients.