Meet Our

System Design Specialists

An Aquaguard Employee

T.J. DiGregorio

System Design Specialist

HOMETOWN: Kennesaw, Georgia

Spouse Name: Katie DiGregorio

Children: McKinley Grace

Hobbies: T.J. enjoys strategy and board games, loves the outdoors, and is an avid horticulturalist.

Work Experience

T.J. is a GSWCC level 1A soil and erosion certified specialist, and is also certified in basement waterproofing and foundation repair. Having worked in the production department installing AquaGuard’s systems before entering the sales force, T.J. has insight on the specifics of every detail involved with our systems, as well as confidence on exactly how they work and the sweat effort it takes to offer permanent solutions.

T.J. enjoys serving customers at AquaGuard because he feels that we are one of the few places that takes the time to get to know both our customers and employees personally, and we understand that investing in the training and growth of our team will benefit everyone in the long run. T.J. appreciates that the culture at AquaGuard is like nowhere else and is truly a ONE TEAM EXPERIENCE!