Atlanta experienced significant rainfall in June, and with the high heat & humidity levels that plagued the Southeast. That combination is a recipe for disaster for your home’s vented, dirt, crawlspace below. If you’re too nervous to go down there & check it out, leave it to the experts at AquaGuard Foundation Solutions!

The symptoms of a damaged crawl space are clear to both sight and smell. Here are the warning signs that your crawlspace is in trouble:

  • Groundwater seepage or pooling
  • Wall discoloration
  • Condensation rots floor joists & girders
  • Efflorescence & rotting Floor Joists
  • Mold in crawl space
  • Black Mold on wood girder
  • Insects & critters

All of these create poor air quality that's rising up into your home.

Each house is constructed differently, hence we custom-design crawl space drainage & encapsulation. We pioneered this process 20 years ago and have closed and conditioned way over 5 million square foot of crawl space. We’ve seen it all and we know how to handle any messy or potentially dangerous situations.

Our crawlspace encapsulation solution is a simple 4-step process:

  1. Fix groundwater leakage with periphery water-flow DRAINAGE system
  2. Isolate the House from the wet earth and humid air by installing drainage matting, our patented CleanSpace and a quality sump pump system with discharge line.
  3. Vent covers & seal any outside air leaks
  4. Dehumidifier system & air filtration

Create a clean, dry environment that permanently keeps out all water, mold and pests. And, you now have a dry, healthy, regulated, usable storage space for your home.

Look at these before and after photographs – It’s amazing how good a crawl space can look & how different the house will smell & feel. It is a whole house transformation!
If you are at the end of your rope and in need of experienced pros to perfectly encapsulate your crawl space, then give our Appointment Center a call and schedule your FREE estimate – 770-419-9111.

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